There are a number of interesting Kasdorf related web sites out there.
Here are ones I have located. Listed in no particular order, but I would be happy to move a site to the top for a small donation :-)
Note: If any of these are your site you are welcome to link back to This actually works for both of us by increasing the chance search engines find us.
If you know of any other Kasdorf related web pages please let me know to add them!
Oh yes, since some are commercial pages a disclaimer: I have no idea how good or bad anything you see here is.
I cannot personally vouch for any services, products, songs, pictures, milk, baby formula and so on.

Same old Kazology web site that you started out from.

Laural's very crafty web page - blog.

In keeping with the California stereotype, Bill Kasdorf does custom interiors for the street rods and custom boats.

Alan and Abbey Kasdorf have this web page to share their family photos with you.

The art of David Kasdorf is not your typical day glo on velvet!

A web site showcasing numerous works of Linda Kasdorf.

Charlene Kasdorf, illustrator has a very nice web site. I like the simplicity of it.
The above is now shut down, looks like Charlene is working at a school in Switzerland!

Shaundra Curtiss Kasdorf posts frequent updates mainly about her daughter Sylvie Mae.

Got Milk?

Was never used, and is now part of the Kazology family - January 2007

Another talented Kasdorf - Music teacher.

Some very nice walnut presentation items for sale. (Ancestry is commercial site but used to have a lot of activity.) (Legal firm in Wisconsin) Listed as under construction. At least since July 2005.12-2006 = Finally the owner dropped the site and Kazology owns it! (Sorry, not much of a way to get any pictures for listing above.) (Julia Kasdorf, poet. If she has "official" web site I cannot find it.) (URL reserved no site up.) (A sales page of some sort, peelers.) (Contact reserved no site. Langley BC (Contact Stuart Kasdorf No site here yet.

http://www.kasdorf.NL (Contact unknown, shows restricted but in use.) (Kasdorf Manufacturing - some nice looking wood products. Logo above) (Kathleen Kasdorf - a vocal studio Logo above)

http://clima-consult-kasdorff.comNeed to translate this one.

Kazology Pages! The original domain name, and still the best spot on the internet for Kasdorf family information! Saw this available so decided to get it also. The .US domain became available also, so it was added to the Kazology group. This domain name was never actively used, it finally expired and was added to the Kazology group 12/4/2006! The last domain was obtained January 2007 unless .com wants to give theirs up (I doubt it!) I think that is about all the domain names. This domain was used by the town of Kasdorf in Germany. I had watched the site through the years, and it never seemed to change. It finally expired and was not renewed by the owners. I could start looking for other county top level domains but some can only be taken by residents, so probably will not go through the effort!